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Moderate and severe obesity is on the rise in the United States with approximately 78 milion adults and 13 million children suffering annually. Weight management includes Bariatric surgery, which is effective and can alleviate morbidity and mortality from obesity-associated diseases. However, many individuals are dealing with nutritional complications. With bariatric surgery, the Dietitian's role is a vital component throughout the process. Nutrition assessment and dietary management in surgical weight loss have been shown to correlate strongly with success. Having nutritional support from the Registered Dietitian may help prevent and avoid common complications such as:

1) Preoperative malnutrition (e.g., Deficiencies of certain Vitamins and Minerals before surgery)
2) Reduced food intake (due to decreased hunger and increased satiety, food intolerances, frequent vomiting)
3) Inadequate nutrient supplementation (due to poor compliance with multivitamin/multimineral supplementation)
4) Nutrient malabsorption
5) Inadequate nutritional support (due to lack of follow-up, insufficient monitoring, difficulty in recognizing symptoms of deficiency)

The team at SFSBI knows the key to success and we want to help you reach a newer healthy you. Take the challenge and let us guide you throughout this new journey.

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